MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor (Graphite)

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Product Description

Mühle HEXAGON Safety RazorMühle HEXAGON Safety Razor

Mühle closed comb headMühle closed comb head

How to use:

With clean, dry hands, unscrew safety razor into three parts, drop blade over pins and reassemble
Apply shaving cream or shaving soap to beard hair
Hold the safety razor at a pointed angle (approx. 30°) to the skin
Starting at the cheeks, use short, straight, downward strokes to remove beard hair
Shave in direction of beard hair growth
Reapply shaving cream and repeat, this time shaving across the beard grain

Mühle HEXAGON Safety Razor

Closed comb – Graphite aluminium handle

Featuring a matt metallic anodised aluminium handle and understated engraving detail, this MÜHLE HEXAGON safety razor provides peerless quality and longevity. A premium product that produces a distinctly close and comfortable wet shave.

Why use this safety razor?

Achieve the closest, smoothest shave possible
Safety razor blades exfoliate the skin, limiting razor irritation
Plastic-free shaving solution
Very low cost-per-shave as each shave will cost only a few pence

Classic Safety Razor

Design from the Mark Braun HEXAGON Series

Graphite aluminium handle with engraved detailing

MUHLE Shaving Culture, Germany since 1945MUHLE Shaving Culture, Germany since 1945

Mühle Shaving Culture

For over 75 years, Mühle have designed, developed and manufactured the finest quality wet shaving products from family owned premises in historic Saxony, northern Germany. Today, Mühle razors, shaving brushes and shaving accessories are used by shaving enthusiasts the world over.

MUHLE factoryMUHLE factory

Designed & manufactured in Germany

During 1945, at a factory in Saxony, northern Germany, the Mühle Shaving Culture was born.

For three generations, a skilled workforce has handcrafted the finest shaving tools for discerning gentlemen who demand the best wet shaving experience.

Today, the Mühle Shaving Culture is committed to maintaining the high standards, dedication and pioneering developments of the past, as we continue to educate the ritual of the best wet shave.

Shaving brushesShaving brushes

Your shaving brush – the centerpiece of wet shaving

For the most comfortable wet shave, you must first soften your beard using a shaving brush and lather. Your shaving brush works the lather into your skin and prepares beard hair for shaving.

For decades, Mühle have manufactured the finest shaving brushes offering a wide range of ergonomic handles, in both traditional and modern designs.

Most importantly, is the choice of shaving brush hair. Choose from the most moisture absorbent natural badger hair shaving brushes, or the latest man-made synthetic fibre shaving brushes to assist with your wet shave.

MUHLE safety razorMUHLE safety razor

Choose your own razor design & shaving style

Your choice of razor falls into three types of blade category;

Gillette Mach3 multi-blade razor: The most popular type of razor in the shaving market, comprising of 3 blades in a plastic cartridge and ideal for a good no-frills shave. Each cartridge will yield 4-6 shaves.
Gillette Fusion multi-blade razor: Comprising of 5 blades in a plastic cartridge and a precision trimmer for beard sculpting, Fusion razors offer a closer shave and each cartridge can last for up to 10 shaves.
Double edge safety razor: Favoured by shaving enthusiasts for the closest possible shave and by wet shavers seeking a plastic-free shaving option. Furthermore, the ongoing costs of shaving with a safety razor is extremely low.

MUHLE Shaving SetMUHLE Shaving Set

Mühle Shaving Stands

It is important to look after your razor and shaving brush correctly and increase the longevity of your item. After each shave, your razor will need to be rinsed clean in preparation for your next shave. If you use a shaving brush, this will also need to be rinsed thoroughly and hung in an upside-down direction to dry. To achieve this, Mühle offer a range of stylish chrome plated shaving stands. Choose from:

Single razor stand
Single shaving brush stand
Shaving set stand with shaving bowl (4-piece set)
Shaving set stand without shaving bowl (3-piece set)

Mühle factory

Shaving brushes

Razors types

Shaving stands

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MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor (Graphite)


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